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Marine Shield UltraFlex is the ultimate, flexible, UV paint coating system for a variety of materials within both the maritime and leisure industries.

  • Provides a high quality UV protection which reduces the penetration of UV rays through to the substrate, resulting in increased longevity, fabric looks cleaner and there is a marked reduction in colour fading.
  • Proven product that has significant case history, with over 5 years of use.
  • Protection against damage caused by chaffing/scratching and exposure to harsh weather conditions, making it look newer for longer.
  • Up to 25% expansion/elasticity in the coating
  • High adhesion capability, up to 3000 psi water blasting tested
  • Mould inhibiting qualities. .
  • Provides a durable surface while retaining its highly flexible nature.
  • Contains self-healing properties which reduces wear and tear and ensures the product protects the substrate for longer.
  • In some cases it can restore the flexibility and softness to substrates that have had previous UV damage.
  • Excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals, e.g. petrol, oil, diesel, soot/carbon particles from exhaust fumes, acid and red rain (desert sands), grease, turpentine, GP thinners etc.
  • The product comes in kit form containing all coatings and consumables required for application. The kit is suitable for RIBs up to 3m (6m2 total coverage).
  • Available colours include Black, Mid Grey, Light Grey, Orange & White.
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