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MarineShield UltraFlex Application Kit

$347.26 incl gst

The ultimate DIY kit to transform your RIB.

  • Each kit will provide coverage for a 3m inflatable boat. If you have a larger boat simply buy multiple kits.
  • Kit come in choice of seven colours – Black, White, Grey #5 (Mid Grey), Grey#2 (Light Grey), Orange, Red & Clear
  • Kit includes: coatings, instructions, safety data sheets and all consumables required for application by brush and roll


Included consumables:
4 x Pairs of gloves (solvent resistant)
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x Respirator Mask (with valve & active carbon filter)
2 x P180 Grit Wet/Dry Sandpaper (for Hypalon)
2 x Red Scotchbrite Pads
12 x Wipes
2 x Rolls of Masking Tape
4 x Measuring/Mixing Cup
4 x Stirring sticks
4 x Paint Filters
1 x Paint Roller Tray & roller handle
4 x Foam Rollers
1 x Paint Brush

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