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DIY Application – Brush and Roll

MarineShield UltraFlex is designed to be brush and rolled for the “renewal” of old pontoons and can easily be done by following the detailed step by step application instructions that are included as part of the application kit.

The products are solvent based, and do require the area to be well ventilated, and for the applicator to wear the provided protective equipment, including eye protection, gloves and mask.

Process of application:

  • First you will prepare the surface for paint application, this is done using the UltraPrep and ScotchBright pad provided.
  • Then you will mask of the area to be painted using the masking tape provided.
  • Areas that have existing branding either painted or stuck on will need to be masked off and not coated.
  • You will then clean the surface with wipes provided to remove any dust or lint.
  • In the mixing cups provided, mix together the Part A, Part B and Reducer according to the detailed application instructions.
  • Apply the mixed product to the desired area using the foam roller included in the kit.
  • Wait 20-30 minutes for the product to get tacky, then apply a second coat.
  • A 3rd coat may be required for better coverage.
  • Remove masking tape while product is still wet and tacky.
  • Product cure time is 24 Hours, do not fold or cover the coated surface until after 48 hours cure time.

Full detailed application instructions are provided inside the DIY kit and must be read prior to application.

Experienced Application – Spray

For the more experience applicators, a spray application method may be preferred, please contact Resene Automotive for more information about spray application.


This product is not for on line sale in the USA and Canada.

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